Time to take a step up from those ratty old Bicycle decks you've been (over)using for so long. Just take a look at the gorgeous design of these six Prohibition Era-inspired decks made by the mad geniuses over at Ellusionist. You'll probably get a half-decent buzz just by shuffling them.

The six decks draw their inspiration from Absinthe, Disparos Tequila, Rebellion Rum, Moonshine, White Wolf Vodka and 52Proof Whiskey. Each one has its own character, much like the spirit that conjured it. The green-on-black design of the Absinthe deck is a favorite, along with the pirate-and-parrot theme of the Rebellion Rum. But what really makes this a marvelous addition to any man's gaming room is the box—a wood and brass piece that will instantly make this item the coolest thing you own.

There are only 3,000 sets available, so if you want one you'd better act fast. And if you want to get $25 off, order them through Touch of Modern. But act fast—the sale ends on Wednesday, December 17.

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