During a recent bike trip down to Rock Creek Park in Twin Falls, Idaho I came across some interesting symbolism that I haven’t been able to explain.

Since we finally ran into some decent weather early this week, I was eager to get the bikes out for a ride. I didn’t have time for a long trek out of town, so the trail down in Rock Creek Park makes for a quick and easy ride that’s close to home.

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What’s this ritualistic-looking formation we came across?

While we were riding, we nearly ran over this artistic heptagon formation of sticks, leaves, rocks, and dandelions that were on the paved portion of the walking/bike path.  

While it was cool to look at, it was putting off some serious pagan ritual vibes. Having been a latch-key kid and pretty much raised by television and movies from the ’70s and ’80s, it’s impossible for me to accept simple explanations for these kinds of things.  My mind immediately leaped to the fantastical and wild conclusion that this must be some kind of symbol that was created to conjure something scary that was most likely bipedal, yet probably runs at you backward in a contorted crab-walk fashion while its head spins around.

More likely explanation: Mandala or Land Art, or both

I used Google Lens to do a reverse image lookup and I’m guessing that this might be a work of Land Art of some sort. I learn something new every day because I’ve never heard of them. 

Depending on the source, there are a number of explanations given of why someone might create this, and the spirituality behind them varies. Some people simply create them for fun and to show appreciation for nature, while others use them as a form of meditation. 

If you dig a little deeper, you can trace these kinds of formations to a type of earth mandala, which is a cultural Buddhist work of art that is meant to be a ‘symbol of the universe in its true form’.

Tell me I’m wrong 

If I’m wrong, or you know more about what these are, don’t hesitate to comment and share what you know.  In any case, if you’re ever down in Rock Creek Canyon, you might be able to spot these along the trail. 

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