Roadsnacks is at it again. The same people that listed 4 of our Magic Valley towns as "ghetto cities" has come up with another one. Jerome and Buhl, you won't be happy as you're now listed among the Top 10 Most Miserable Cities In Idaho

We disagree is not a strong enough statement. Many of us at the radio station and our friends LIVE in Jerome and Buhl and, we're pretty dang happy people. So, why did Roadsnacks decide to throw us under the bus again? They ranked cities based on poverty rates, unemployment, crime and a number of other factors. When all was computed they ranked Jerome at #5 and Buhl at #8.

Couple of things. First, we disagree with their criteria on what makes a city miserable. Second, they're not gonna make us any happier by coming up with this stuff. Yes, all cities have challenges and we admit we have some real doozies in the Magic Valley. BUT, we'd still take any city in the Magic Valley over any other city in any other state any day.

How about this list we just came up with? #1 blog that seems determined to tick us off...the winner? ROADSNACKS.

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