Growing up in Florida, I swam in a LOT!  So we'd eat lunch or something, then I can remember every parent saying "wait at least a hour before you swim, or you'll get a cramp."  Now that I look back, is that even true?  What other lies have I been told when I was a kid?

Come to find out, it's stinking true about the cramping after eating thing.  According to How Stuff Works:

If you have just eaten, then the food in your stomach begins to be digested. This requires a greater blood supply to the stomach and intestines. Like metabolic byproducts in working muscle, the presence of food in the stomach overrides the commands by the nervous system to constrict the blood vessels in the stomach and intestines.

Basically, after you eat, your body is concentrating on processing your energy (food) and not worried about kicking your legs to show off your sweet doggy paddle.

OK parents, so far you're in the lead.  It's 1-0.  What about you?  What lies were you told as a kid?  Do you still use them on your own kids?

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