Earlier today I (Kendra Wolfe) mowed down on burgers from Mama Lazagna's! Actually I just had one burger and others ate with me - swear!  I got the Bacon Cheese Burger!  The bacon was crispy, the bread and burger were fresh and the fries were real!  In short - it rocked!  I'm still full now.  :-)

If you got the Bonus Code I gave out, plug it in HERE!

Here's more of the crew eating:

Tonight - I run!  I need to burn some calories, because tomorrow I'm back on the case of finding THEE BEST BURGER IN THE MAGIC VALLEY!

Tomorrow at Noon come down to That One Place in Buhl and eat lunch with me again.  Again, I'll have a Bonus Code worth 25,000 Snake VIP Points.

See you then!

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