For the first time this Spring, temperatures in the Magic Valley look to increase--and remain warm--for the latter part of the week and through the weekend. By Saturday, those who suffer from allergies, can also expect symptoms to worsen.

The final days of April leading into the first May weekend, temperatures are expected to gradually warm, with Saturday being the warmest day of the week. The Saturday high is expected to fall just a few degrees shy of 80, according to a projection at

April's average temperature for Twin Falls has historically been near 62 degrees, while May's average has rung in around 72. The coming weekend could be the first of 2019 to average over 70, with no precipitation.

For those who suffer from allergies, the pollen forecast is expected to reach into the high range by the end of the work week. Keeping windows closed, skipping outdoor chores and washing hands regularly, are all recommended during high allergy times.

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