The Climate Prediction Center for NOAA has predicted what winter will be like for Idaho. If they're right, better keep an umbrella handy and maybe some sandals.

As you can see on the graphic above, Southern Idaho is in the area which could see as much as 33% more precipitation this winter. Yikes. But, the good news is we're also supposed to be warmer.


I think that 33% greater than number might be a little misleading. I would love it if it meant that our temps will be 33% warmer, but pretty sure NOAA is trying to say our winter stands a greater than 33% chance of being warmer than normal. That's OK. I'll take it. Just so I don't take it out of context, here's exactly what NOAA is saying about winter temps.

Warmer than normal conditions are most likely across the southern U.S., extending northward through the central Rockies, in Hawaii, in western and northern Alaska and in northern New England.

Yippee, we're the northern Rockies.

Since weather is changeable, this is all educated guesses based on models, but I'm completely fine with a warmer winter. Bring it on.

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