If you haven't noticed the red, eye-catching, mobile eatery with the flaming pepper logo on its side, odds are you'll be seeing it in Twin Falls soon. I've passed by it, along with the dozens of people I've seen anxiously awaiting orders, the last couple of afternoons on the corner of 6th Avenue West.

Sarah's Hangry Hut, which is the passion of  former truck driver and Twin Falls mother of four, Sarah Holcomb, has been attracting hungry Magic Valley residents all week. Holcomb, 34, moved on recently from her former, 60-hour-a-week job of hauling milk back and forth from area dairy farms, to grilling up authentic family recipes.

"It might sound crazy coming from a white girl, but all my recipes come from my mother-in-law Ana Diaz," said Holcomb. "We also make bomb hamburgers, fresh cut fries and bacon-wrapped hot dogs."

That mother-in-law of Holcomb hailed from Michoacan, Mexico, and is greatly responsible for the original menu Sarah recreates on a daily basis.

"I have put my heart and soul into perfecting these recipes," said Holcomb. "Everything in my trailer is made from scratch."

Those recipes include, but are not limited to, tamales, tacos and tortas, with side dishes including rice and beans and fresh, homemade salsa. Together with her "significant other," Claudio Marin, they found the ideal trailer in Texas--drove it back to southern Idaho--and got to cooking.

"He (Claudio) has been my rock," said Holcomb. "He has kept me motivated."

Watch for Sarah and Claudio's red trailer in Twin Falls, and stop by for bite. You can send a message to their Facebook page, or call 208-731-5058.

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