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Paul Castronova VS Obscure Throne

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I learned a lot about tonight's bands, for one, I learned that black is NOT a color, it's a shade.  That's all thanks to one of the Tyler's from the band Obscure Throne.

Here's my entire interview with Obscure Throne:

And here is Obscure Throne's song, it's called "History Of War":

As for Obscure Throne's competitor, that is Paul Castronova.  Paul is only eighteen-years old and you've probably already heard him sing a Katy Perry cover at this year's Magic Valley's Got Talent.

Find out more about him during my entire interview with Paul Castronova:

And here's Paul Castronova's song titled "Nicola's Song":

Don't Forget:

  • Tonight's show (Wednesday, July 18th, 2012) will re-air this Saturday (July 21st) at 6PM.
  • Voting closes at midnight on Monday, July 23rd.

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