Southern Idaho has quite a history when it comes to the paranormal. The 100-year anniversary of one of Twin Falls' most creepiest legends recently passed, and the location of where the incidents took place is one where you'll find many people walking their dogs, completely unware of what is said to have transpired there long ago.

The Old Towne Bridge (aka "Rock Creek Bridge" to some) passes over Rock Creek on Shoshone Street South. I drive over the bridge everyday on my way to work, and until this week, I've never thought much about it.

What lies beneath the bridge is said to have a dark history. I walked a good deal of the trail Wednesday morning (July 28), and took some photos on my way into the office. It was a peaceful walk, and I passed multiple area residents taking their dogs on a stroll. The area is said to have been the scene of a horrific crime more than a century ago.

Have you heard of the "Devil's Henchman?" Some of you old-timers probably have, and I'm certain many of you have not. It is said that in the early-twentieth century, a man adducted, and took the lives of, many area kids. I believe the total number to be eight.

The current Old Towne Bridge was built over the site of what used to be "The Singing Bridge," decades ago. It is near this location that the alleged murderer not only carried out his dastardly deeds, but also left momentos of what he had done in the form of rock carvings of his victims. It is even said he carved a self portrait on one of the creekside rocks as well. Some claim to hear whispers while walking through the area, according to the legend.

The remains of the bridge and rocks have long been covered by vegetation. I have to believe that if this tale is true, there has to be some evidence of it still under the current bridge.

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