There has been a lot of uproar about Columbus Day in the last several years. In fact over the years some states have either decided not to observe it or change it's name. Right now Idaho observes Columbus Day. Do you think they should?

No doubt Christopher Columbus was a total jerk. He didn't discover America, there were people there first and really should a jerk who caused the genocide of an entire people be celebrated? I don't really know. What do you think?

So Idaho still celebrates Columbus Day, there will be some federal and state buildings closed on Monday, October 12th. The mail will not be coming except express mail. Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California and Wyoming don't celebrate it at all.

South Dakota celebrates it as Native American's Day and New Mexico and Maine collectively celebrate it as Indigenous People's Day.

Some places in California celebrate it differently. Berkley, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo and Lake Tahoe all celebrate it as Indigenous People's Day. Santa Barbara. San Francisco and Sacramento celebrate it as Italian Heritage Day. So state by state, even if the state does not collectively celebrate it as Columbus Day, some cities and counties will do so.

I remember growing up we never got Columbus Day off from school so it wasn't one of those holidays I ever really thought about. I remember learning about Columbus but only as a hero, not a jerk. Yes, I very much think he was a jerk. I am not sure we should ignore him though because no matter what parts of history we don't like, I don't think they should be erased.

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