I'm still learning about some of the unique things you can do in this state. This is a perfect example. I've just found out that sandboarding is a thing in Idaho and you get bonus points if a dog is involved.

If you've never been to Bruneau Dunes State Park, you can accomplish a lot of things there. The most obvious activity is hiking the dunes. But, a much more adventurous approach to all that sand is to grab a sandboard. Yes, you can officially rent them in the park.

Idaho Parks and Recreation website
Idaho Parks and Recreation website

The people in the video are a couple who travel the country documenting the tiny house phenomenon. It appears that they were also pleasantly surprised at the sandboarding option and decided to add to the degree of difficulty by including their dog.

Bruneau is about 60 miles south of Boise and definitely worth a trip if you're looking for something unique to do once the weather warms up. Check out their Facebook page for up-to-date info.

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