The second season of a reality video series that features highly-skilled hunters primarily from the western United States is in the process of being filmed. The latest teaser shared by creators of the show has a couple of its main characters apparently headed to the Gem State to test their skills.

I recently came across a hunting series produced by a company called Due West Media. The show is currently filming its second season, and is called "The Calling Hunting TV."

It appears creators of the series release episodes mainly to YouTube. The most recent trailer, released on August 7, 2020, is titled "Almost Idaho."  The one-minute, nineteen-second clip, shows a pair of hunters named Mike and Dennis pursuing elk across a beautiful valley somewhere in the northwestern part of the country.

I've watched several clips, and the production is very impressive. There is mention of a third season coming on the hunting channel, but I wasn't able to find information on when exactly that is occurring. Everyone featured in this program are very skilled at tracking, and taking down large game animals.

The Calling Hunting TV has an Instagram and Twitter site as well. The series has racked up thousands of views on YouTube alone, and appears to have started in late 2019. I would recommend anyone who enjoys hunting, or is aspiring to learn more about it, watch the videos.

The series does also feature the characters venturing outside of the western U.S. There are close to 20 videos I was able to locate, and those who enjoy them can subscribe to the channel.

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