As I was scrolling through my Roku last night, I came across a familiar true crime series that just released an episode dealing with the 1995 disappearance and murder of a Burley, Idaho, teenager. It took several years for detectives to make an arrest in the Regina Krieger case.

Regina Krieger was 14 years old at the time she was stabbed in her home and abducted by a local man with an accomplice. Krieger's father alerted Burley authorities after he discovered his daughter missing and a blood trail leading out of the home. It's still not clear why Krieger's murderer, Gilberto Rodriguez, targeted her that night 27 years ago.

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Krieger's body was discovered a few miles from her home on the banks of the Snake River. She had been stabbed multiple times and dumped in the river, according to the newest episode of On The Case with Paula Zahn, which can be seen on Investigation Discovery.

The initial investigation by Burley police was a sloppy one that included a good amount of evidence not being collected, according to the program. Rodriguez remained at large for more than two decades before he was arrested and tried for the heinous crime. Burley is located 40 miles east of Twin Falls.

Justice came inexcusably late in this matter for the Krieger family. I remember hearing of the arrest of Rodriguez a few years back and reading up on the story. Like many other people's response to the crime, I couldn't help but shake my head because the case should have been solved a lot sooner due to the fact the murderer bragged to numerous individuals about perpetrating the act.

I know this crime was committed a long time ago, but there are many Idahoans who haven't yet learned all the details behind this horrible crime. I don't blame the investigators, but instead, those who kept this horrible, shameful secret.

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