Greg Jannetta

For those in the Magic Valley that don't quite enjoy waiting 20 to 30 minutes in the line of your favorite fast food restaurant on a Friday night, several chains are now either offering delivery, or soon will be.

As I was driving home yesterday on Blue Lakes I noticed a message on Sonic's roadside sign for the first time. It said, "We Deliver." I'm not sure how long they've been offering this service, but it got me wondering if other area restaurants are following suit.

It turns out, the future of fast food has already arrived and under the radars of many of us. Wendy's, Taco Bell and Sonic are the three chains I confirmed have already begun home delivery. If you search the 83301 zip code for Twin Falls on the Taco Bell and Wendy's delivery locator portion of the websites, a message explains that delivery in the area is coming soon. Taco Bell has partnered with Grub Hub, while Wendy's uses Door Dash for its delivery.

The Sonic on Blue Lakes is already delivering in the Twin Falls area according to its sign. They have enlisted the services of UberEats. Delivery fees currently range from $3 to $5 from what I could tell.

Growing up near Los Angeles, I remember we had a service called Pink Dot, which is still around. They deliver a wide range of items in the area--from alcohol to condoms, sandwiches to smokes--I remember how convenient it was.


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