Have you ever heard of Idaho Sunrise Potatoes? Me either. Until now. A major website just shared this new recipe and it might just alter the universe as we know it.

I must admit that I can't believe that I have now stooped so low as to share a recipe. People that do this on Facebook drive me crazy, but here I am, the hypocrite.

Here's why this recipe is so interesting to me. You scoop out the middle of the potato, then put butter, salt, pepper AND AN EGG in there. The EGG is all caps because that part surprised me. I was really hooked when I discovered that bacon was a part of this recipe (in "bit" form) along with cheese and green onions.

You bake this concoction for 20 to 25 minutes and you have Idaho Sunrise Potatoes.

The full story on this new attempt to surprise us with spuds is available at the Food.com website.

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