The Fourth of July holiday will hit a week from Tuesday and the weather in southern Idaho will be perfect for outdoor water recreation to celebrate our country's independence. Magic Valley temperatures will climb to near 90 by next week.

It's been a cloudy, cool start to summer so far in southern Idaho. That all changes next week. Current forecasts are calling for rising temperatures on June 29. Twin Falls should experience its first run of consistently warm weather beginning Saturday, July 1.

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We're not talking heatwave temperatures yet, but highs will be just shy of 90 degrees from July first through the sixth, according to the current extended forecast. On Tuesday, July 4, a high of 88 is expected for Twin Falls. Seeking out a water source and some shade for the afternoon barbeque would be a good plan for Independence Day.

If you've had no luck booking a campsite for the holiday or can't take that much time off from work, there are several great places to spend the afternoon on the water a short distance from Twin Falls. Lake Walcott, Thousand Springs State Park, Balanced Rock Park, Blue Heart Springs, and Centennial Park are all great spots to swim, kayak, and float.

Be careful when spending time near area rivers this summer because the heavy winter runoff is creating very powerful currents that make swimming in some areas very dangerous. Choose shallow pockets of riverbanks to cool off in rather than deeper areas where water flow is heavy.

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