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Swift N Sassy Band VS Rainchild

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This week, Swift N Sassy Band are back to take on Rainchild from Houston, Texas.  Texas?  Yes, they heard about Repeat It Or Delete It.  And think about it, now that Houston is listening to these bands, maybe that will help further our local band's reach?

So far Swift N Sassy Band have defeated Paul Castronova, Ripchain, JoJo & The Missionaries, and most recently Foolsbane.  So these ladies and men are NOT to be messed with.

Swift N Sassy Band

Swift N Sassy Band has a Heart-like sound and is chick-led by Ms. Sassy Lee (lead vocals/ guitar), then there's Stephanie AKA the Stephanator (bassist/vocals), A~Ridge (drum/vocals), and last but NOT least GuitarKin (lead guitarist/vocals).

In the brief time I spent with Swift N Sassy Band, I learned that they like to party, tequila is their drink of choice, however, they are VERY serious about their music. Yes, they're rock stars.  Speaking of tequila, according to Ms. Sassy Lee, she said that the band takes a lucky shot of tequila before every show.  Keep it up ladies!

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Here's my interview with Sassy and her band Swift N Sassy Band:

Here's Swift N Sassy Band's "Crank It Up Loud":


Next up, NOT from the Magic Valley.  Instead from Houston, Texas, we have Rainchild.  Rainchild is a four-peice unsigned band with according to their ReverbNation page is:

Two parts Hard Rock, one part Alternative with a splash of Southern rock shaken not stirred!!!”

I would agree with that.  The band consists of Dustin Condon-vox, Jason Degge-guitar, Matt McClain-drums, and Morgan Raney-Bass.

During the interview, I asked Dustin Condon his advice to young artists.  Basically, he said, shut up and play.  Don't complain, just play as much as you possibly can.  That seems to really be working for them, considering they are a band from Houston, Texas and they found out about Repeat It Or Delete It based on their great networking skills.  Impressive.

I asked Dustin and Matt the Lightning Round Questions:

Here is Rainchild's song "Watershed":

Don't Forget:

  • Tonight's show (Wednesday, September 5th, 2012) will re-air this Saturday (September 8th, 2012) at 6PM.
  • Voting closes at midnight on Monday, September 10th.

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