Have you ever abused amused yourself by looking for an available home in Jackpot, Nevada? I have gone to Zillow and done a search just for fun and found nothing in that area. That's why I was shocked this time to find a Jackpot home that you can actually buy.

The home is listed as 1967 Barton Drive in Jackpot. It appears to be a newly remodeled home that isn't gonna be mistaken for a Liberace mansion, but not bad if you have a need to be in Nevada.

The house is off the beaten path where the casino traffic is. I'll give it credit for that.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's listed as a 4-bedroom and 2-bath and you'll have to take their word for it since there aren't many pictures. Kitchen doesn't look bad as long as you're not turned off by a lot of white.

If you're considering a second home where you can sleep off your Jackpot trips, Hannah Roberts is the listing agent you would need to talk to.

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