A United States Philly Cheese Steak chain has been mentioned on a list of the country's fastest-growing eateries, and a location that has remained vacant in the Magic Valley Mall for years would be an excellent spot for them to set up shop.

I recently read an article about U.S. fast-food chains expected to open several more locations in the country in 2023. One of the companies mentioned was a popular destination for Philly Cheese Steaks which presently has more than 700 locations.


I visited Philadelphia a few years ago for the first time and stopped into several restaurants known for having delicious cheesesteak sandwiches. The city is known for serving up top-notch sandwiches, and most of these recipes are relatively easy to recreate.

Charleys Philly Steaks is reportedly opening 200 additional locations in the very near future. They already have several in Utah, California, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada, but their website's location map has nothing in Idaho.

It's been five years since a popular Twin Falls Mexican restaurant closed a location in the Magic Valley Mall, and the last time I was there in February nothing had opened in its place. There is basically no food court at all in the mall when you compare it to others.

Would the Magic Valley welcome a chain that specializes in such a sandwich? I think we'd be crazy not to. Charleys also serves up loaded fries, signature fruit drinks, kid's favorites, and they cater as well.

Should the company target Idaho for expansion this year or next, I think Twin Falls would be a great choice.

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