Last night my wife and I got the craving for some wings and baseball, so we packed our 3-year-old son up and headed to the B-Dub-Dubs in Twin Falls. We were greeted by a sign on the door that basically said they were out of traditional (bone-in) style wings. My wife and I called a sidebar.

Let me begin by saying the Twin Falls Buffalo Wild Wings is my favorite spot to go and watch games. This little story here is in no way intended to cast a negative light on the establishment, because having worked as a busboy, waiter and bartender at a point in my life, those of us who have held restaurant jobs know that sometimes things happen that are uncontrollable.

Apparently, a food shipment was held up on its way from Salt Lake City, which was the explanation given by the hostess. Restaurant management made the correct decision to leave a note on the door letting people know they were out of traditional wings. They still had plenty of boneless style to offer, which unfortunately is no longer featured in the two-for-one special on Tuesdays. I didn't have any issue with staying even though I always get traditional style with the "wild" sauce, which is just one below blazin (their hottest) on the restaurant's heat index.

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Greg Jannetta

Since my wife prefers boneless and my son loves the fries--not to mention I knew Buffalo Wild Wings would have my Dodger game on--we grabbed a booth. I was astonished at how many people decided not to dine in the restaurant. The wing Tuesday special was recently changed to feature traditional style, so I get why some people turned away. The restaurant was virtually empty while we were there.

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Greg Jannetta (Tuesday 8/6/19 just before 9 p.m.)

Was last night an indication as to how many people in Twin Falls prefer traditional style over boneless? Or was it strictly the lack of being able to offer the special that turned people away by the dozens?

That brings us to our poll:

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