This year the Twin Falls School District has a new dress code and it seems that the students do not like it.

According to

In only nine days, more than 250 students have signed a petition to change the Twin Falls School District’s new dress code.

Here is the dress code the students are rebuking, according to the Twin Falls School District's Dress Code:

Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than mid-thigh in length.

Here is the Twin Falls' student's petition argument, according to

The new policy of skirts and shorts being just above the knee is burdensome and unnecessary. The "fingertip length" rule would be enforceable and less exposed than the previous policy, without targeting less affluent and female students.

While I love that students actually mobilized and stood up for something, I think they need to just shut up and do their work.  The exact same school dress code rules were in effect when I was in school and I survived.  I was broke, wore the same clothes every week, sometimes daily and I got great grades and was never kicked out of school for any reason.

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