Christmas morning is always crazy! Wrapping paper flying through the air, the sounds of new toys, laughing, playing, and singing. Those are a few things that probably happen in every house - but one thing that is different in each house is the dress code.

I was talking to one of my friends and they told me about their Christmas morning ritual. They all wake up and eat breakfast - then they get dressed in nice clothes and unwrap their toys.

My house on the other hand goes like this - kids wake up way too early so we tell them to go back to bed. They come back in about 20 minutes later so we tell them to go in the back and play or watch a movie. Finally about 10 minutes later...around 6 am...we get up and whatever we slept in is what we wear (though some of us have to put on pants). We don't really have a dress code. Do you?


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