For those that enjoy reading about paranormal sites throughout the state, Idaho's Magic Valley has probably popped up on your searches from time to time. Southern Idaho is full of spooky sites that carry with them bizarre tales, and some of these locations just might be in your own backyard.

One of the more unsettling legends out there is the early-twentieth century tale of the "Devil's Henchman," where it is alleged a man murdered numerous children off of Shoshone Street, and just under where the current Old Towne Bridge passes over Rock Creek in Twin Falls. The tale was featured as recently as this past February on the website Only In Your State.

The story goes that this murderer abducted numerous area children, and took them under what used to be known as "The Singing Bridge," which was replaced by the current Old Towne Bridge back in the early-nineties. The souls of these children are said to still haunt the area to this day. Following the murders, it's alleged that the perpetrator used some sort of instrument to carve the likeness of his victims into creek side rocks, and even etched a self portrait of himself lurking behind the victims.

attachment-bridge (1)
Current Old Towne Bridge over Rock Creek Park: Photo by Lori Dailey
attachment-moss tree
Rock Creek Park near alleged abduction site: Photo by Lori Dailey

In June of 2018, a couple shared their video of them exploring the area, and looking for the carvings the killer allegedly made. The road to take to the site can be accessed just prior to passing over the Old Towne Bridge, and just a short distance from the Shoshone Street Stinker Station.

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