Yes, the "e" at the end of pi was intentionally left off. 3.14 is Pi, and although it has nothing to do with food, we have some deals going on for you to celebrate.

We have specials for both pizza pies and dessert pies, there is nothing stopping you from celebrating both!


Blaze Pizza is having a special, you can get a regular one topping pizza for $3.14

Pizza Pie Cafe is having their pizza buffet available for $4.44


Shari's is offering a free slice of pie with a $10 purchase or more.

Perkins, if you are part of their E-club, you get a free slice of pie with the purchase of an entree. If you are not part of their E-club, you can join it and you will still be eligible for the free slice of pie with the purchase of an adult entree!

We are still waiting to hear back from a few other places, so if you know anyone else that is doing a special, please let us know. Idaho Joe's confirmed they will not be having any specials but they have some great pie, so you could still just go for that.

So I suggest, having pizza for lunch and then an entree and pie for dinner!

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