One of the most popular trail hikes in Twin Falls gives enthusiasts some of the best Snake River views you'll find anywhere in southern Idaho.

For anyone who has ever driven down into the canyon to Centennial Park, looking up and seeing hikers navigate one of the area's most traveled pathways is an almost daily occurrence. The Mogensen Trail gives hikers a unique start to finish, which includes kayakers coming and going from the park, and the occasional BASE jumper sailing down to the landing spot on the Twin Falls side of the river.

The Mogensen Trail is traveled all year long, but summer walks on the 1.1 mile route offer much more in the way of sightseeing, and it's much less risky in the warmer months. Temperatures will begin dropping in the next five to six weeks as fall rapidly approaches. If you haven't walked it before, now is the time to mark that off your summer 2020 list of trails to explore.

An August 30, 2020, video upload to YouTube on the channel of one "A Rodriguez," show just how beautiful this stretch of the Snake River Canyon really is. It's listed as an intermediate hike online, and takes people from Centennial Park to under the Perrine Bridge.

Hiking is something I haven't done a lot of this summer. I've managed to fit a few camping trips in, including my first one to Yellowstone National Park in 10 years; I also spent a few nights at Bruneau Dunes State Park back in mid-July, in which it was 104 degrees on our second day.

I think a hike on Mogensen Trail is something I'll definitely have to do before the weather gets colder. Thanks to A. Rodriguez for sharing this great video.

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