Like most glimpses of the elusive Bigfoot, this one could be a creature or it could also be a tree or shadow. It definitely looks like there is something there in a few of the pictures. But, one person commented that if it is a Sasquatch that he is still there if you look at the current webcam feed (which updates every 60 minutes).

The other Bigfoot sighting also comes from Washington and is a little harder to dispute since it shows, again what really looks like a Sasquatch, the furry beast walking up a mountainside.

In the video above you see something walking up the mountainside. Though I do like the idea that Bigfoot can change fur color with the seasons, the white appearance seems to be caused by a night vision camera mode. With this video, people are commenting that the gait doesn't seem to be what would be expected from a Sasquatch.

The last Bigfoot sighting we've found in Idaho was from February of 2019 when campers spotted something weird. Canadians were recently treated to an odd sound that some claim was that of  Sasquatch. What do you think? If you plan to hunt a Bigfoot, check out this list of all the stuff you'll need to do a proper hunt.

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