Snagging a fishing line on garbage is something that happens quite often. What begins as excitement for the person holding the pole can quickly turn to shock and disappointment. As was the case with a local man fishing near Pillar Falls recently.

My mother tried to get me into fly fishing years ago. She owned a fishing shop when I was a teen, and I worked there part-time not knowing much about the hobby/sport. My parents really never took me fishing growing up. I spent my adolescent years mostly playing sports, riding my bike, and having video game sleepovers.

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It wasn't until I graduated high school that I really took an interest in the outdoors. Now, I have a seven-year-old boy of my own and we spend a lot of time in the warmer months kayaking, camping, and hauling our travel trailer to area lakes and camping spots. He has yet to express an interest in fishing, but that time will come soon.

One of the main reasons I gave up fishing is that I didn't have much luck. Luck plays a part in the hobby, and indeed skill factors in as well. Sometimes what you think is pulling down on that line isn't always the catch of the day. A Twin Falls fisherman recently shared a YouTube video of his surprise catch near Pillar Falls.

I've got to admit, had I even hooked a hat back in the day that would have at least been something, and I might still be out on the river to this day. Nice catch!

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