Publically protesting what a person believes to be injustice is every American's right, as long as it's being done safely and in a non-aggressive manner. When a person approaches a peaceful protestor and attempts to take possessions from them, this can be viewed as an unjust act itself.

Whatever stance regarding the Black Lives Matter movement you have, unless a personal attack against you by a supporter has occurred, once hands are placed upon a fellow human being or something they have in their possession--in this case it's a flag--the act could be inviting confrontation.

I recently came across a YouTube video shared a couple of weeks ago that's titled "Idaho Karen harasses man over Black Lives Matter flag." I watched the video repeatedly, and have to side with the BLM supporter in this case due to the simple fact that the woman should have never grabbed the guy's flag.

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The definition of accost is "to confront boldly," according to It's not until the woman grabs the flag that one could argue an accosting took place.

To my knowledge, this man isn't protesting on the woman's private property, but instead has chosen the corner of an intersection similar to the type of surrounding we see homeless people asking for money. I thought the discussion leading up to the flag grabbing was actually fine and didn't find either of the two individuals to be an aggressor.

Here's my two-part question for you. Is it inviting confrontation once hands are put on a person or their property during a peaceful demonstration? Who's to blame here, if anyone?

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