It's not often we get to enjoy a Yellowstone National Park video taken by a tourist that doesn't include some act of blatant stupidity by a human being. A motorist passing through the park recently shared some amazing footage that shows a wolf moaning in the roadway as snow lightly falls.

Having visited Yellowstone National Park numerous times, it's rare to get to witness the animals in their natural habitat without the sounds of car doors opening and closing, people running across meadows, and humans chatting up a storm. One of the biggest thrills in my life was getting the opportunity to photograph a Yellowstone Park mother bear with her cubs from about 200 yards away without a single person around me.

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I can only describe a wolf video I recently saw for the first time as truly beautiful. The footage was shared in late October during a snowfall and shows a stunning wolf howling multiple times as it crosses a road. It's obvious the animal is aware it's being recorded but doesn't get startled in the least.

I also appreciate the manner in which the footage was shot. The individual who recorded the wolf remained still and quiet and captured something truly remarkable. The snow just adds to the beauty of the recording and gives viewers a raw look at these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

What a great share. Thank you to whoever shot the footage for being respectful of the wildlife at Yellowstone National Park. I'm surprised no touron ruined the footage by attempting a selfie with the creature.

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