Officials for Yellowstone National Park are seeking input from the public on potentially setting up Wi-Fi zones within park boundaries for visitors to have access to.

Let me begin by saying this idea is wrong on so many levels. Being the father of two kids--in a world where you can't escape the maddening reality of excessive cell phone use--it's unfathomable to think people that run our national parks in the United States are even considering extending the means to enable people to further hold themselves mentally captive, while experiencing something meant to be as humbling and impactful as spending time in nature. shared details of the plan to install Wi-Fi at several indoor sites in a November 14, 2019, story. Park officials are asking for public thoughts on the plan, that would provide park visitors Internet access

Widespread, public Wi-Fi has no business in a national park. I think we as human beings can, and should, "rough it," and enjoy a trip to one of our country's amazing national parks, without having to stop into a gift shop or visitor's center to play a game of Warbits or Exploding Kittens.

I implore anyone out there that still cherishes the harmonious, meaningful and enlightening type of experience that surrounding oneself in nature provides, to strongly voice your opposition against this idea. Sure, it might benefit park employees, but look down the road 10 or 20 years from now, when enjoying the sights of these locations will surely be interrupted by scores of people paying nothing but attention to their phones. Just think of how many people won't see that bear walking toward them, or will fall into scalding hot geysers, or off of 500 foot cliffs, because they are too consumed by what is on their Samsung Galaxy 5.8 inch screen.





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