The USGS is reporting that a 3.9 earthquake hit today just south of Elko, Nevada. Granted, a 3.9 isn't the type of quake you see making California fall into the ocean in the movies. But, it's big enough that it makes you pay attention.

If you're wondering about the epicenter, here's what the USGS is reporting.

  • 13.0 km (8.1 mi) NE of Eureka, Nevada
  • 127.0 km (78.9 mi) S of Spring Creek, Nevada
  • 137.0 km (85.1 mi) S of Elko, Nevada
  • 293.0 km (182.1 mi) E of Fernley, Nevada
  • 341.0 km (211.9 mi) E of Carson City, Nevada

This is tiny compared to the 6.0 quake that struck Nevada over 8 years ago.

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