We love our friends from California. Well, "love" is a strong word. But, even if our friends to the west get on your nerves, you will probably laugh at a review of Boise on TripAdvisor from a classic Californian.

I found this one by accident. I was looking over reviews of the Greenbelt in Boise to see if it would be a decent place to take my family for a stroll next time we're in the big city. What I found wasn't a review of the Greenbelt, but a Californian's review of Boise and Idaho, in general.

The guy's TripAdvisor username is Peteh007. Pete is from Sacramento and doesn't like Idaho. Oh, and he's not a Republican. But, I'll let Pete speak for himself. Behold, here is his review of us.

“Boise really is a pretty Sad place”

There's really not much going for poor old Boise. Its a very right wing, conservative community and everything that goes along with that. The first impression you get is the Pollution. There is exhaust smoke every where. They don't have pollution control on their cars and trucks like in California for example. So you really don't want to walk on the street. Trucks are large, as is the republican way, and so there are a lot of diesel fumes too. Very nasty stuff. The smell is everywhere. Almost Like Beijing.
Next there is a complete lack of trees. Only few very small unhappy looking trees downtown along the streets. So it's just a mass of concrete instead. The area only gets 12" of rain each year, so one might imagine that that is the reason, but probably not, as there are a lot of green lawns being watered. So, again, it's probably the republican type of community that places a low value on trees. Similarly, a low value is placed on aesthetics and architectural appeal. Third, there is very little in the way of tourist attractions. Only a 'green belt', but with nothing in particular to see. Its just a park. There are big stucco malls all over... with a usual shops that are become the homogeneous hall mark of America.. there is also very little topology. No hills.
Just flat, hot, straight streets with dusty shops, and lots of very very cheap housing.
It guess the key word for Boise is "Cheap"......

Kinda harsh, Pete. Where to start? I agree that the world would be better off if all the Republicans would stop polluting, cause nobody else does that. Oh, and I'm familiar with California's pollution control. Anyone that has tried to get a car registered in your fair state understands the small fortune you'll pay for that privilege.

Damn Republicans and their large trucks and hatred of trees.

But, Pete, very little topology? No hills? Time to wipe your glasses off, Pete. We have hills and canyons...you know...topography.

The "cheap" you refer to is something they don't have much in California. It's called a low cost of living and we like it.

I enjoyed Pete's review. And, I can only hope he had a safe trip back to Sacramento because we all know how dangerous Republicans can be when they're driving their large polluting trucks.

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