Sometimes, trips just don't go as planned. When that happens, the stories can be pure entertainment. A Georgia family wanted to see the blue turf in Bronco Stadium. That didn't exactly happen. Grab some popcorn, this is gonna be good.

The guys username on TripAdvisor is Crabapple Joe. He and his family were visiting Boise. Here's how their Bronco Stadium story started (as described by him).

We are in Boise from Atlanta visiting friends. Went to the smurf turf with other friends from Destin along with our 15 year old daughter who was considering going to Boise State. I put in a call to the Admission Office's Info lines and got a very friendly young female voice on the line. She informed us to just head to the Boise State Hall of Fame office in the stadium and 'you can tour the field'.

Sounds good, right? Come to the stadium, tour the field. Actually, no.

We walked through the Hall of Fame area and straight out to the field without being greeted by anyone. There were several groups of tourists actually out on the field, so we followed suit. Suddenly, some A-hole who appeared to be in maintenance, came out on the field screaming at us to leave. He kept saying 'this is a secure are'.......and forced us in mid-photo to leave.

But wait, there's more.

Meanwhile a similarly manic woman from the Hall of Fame office came out screaming similar dire threats........when I tried to explain my earlier phone conversation about touring the field........she rebuffed me with 'there are no tours'.

This must be some kind of misunderstanding by the original girl they talked to on the phone, right? But, then they see this...

Two minutes later a guide leading a tour of prospective students and parents came out of the Hall if Fame doors to the 'observation area', so we listened to his talk and left.

Uh, oh. Nothing is worse than being told there are no tours, then running into a tour. Time to go talk to that "manic woman" again.

While leaving I encountered the 'no tours' lady in the Hall of Fame and told her there was an evil tour going on outside and she better get out there to stop it.

I bet that was a fun conversation. A big thanks to Crabapple Joe for his entertaining story. Sorry that tour of the Smurf turf didn't work out like they hoped. But, I know I'm a better person for hearing his tale.

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