We are a misunderstood people in Twin Falls, Idaho. No one really knows us. Doubt me? Then, take a look at some hilarious reviews of the sights in and around Twin Falls on TripAdvisor.

Let's begin with exhibit A, a review of Shoshone Falls. The guy seems to like it, but seems to think we're in Arizona. George D has this to say about Shoshone.

Lovely park without the throngs of tourists. This hidden gem in the desert was a pleasure to visit and truly enjoyable

George is from Florida, so maybe this is his first time in "the desert". If he thinks we're in the desert, New Mexico is gonna be a big shock.

Then, there's the review of Perrine Bridge from our TripAdvisor friend, kanariya_magic. She's a little ticked that the bridge is so noisy since cars are allowed to drive over it. The nerve.

We went to the end of the bridge with vehicle and parked on the right side where the sign was. There is a stairway near addressing to the under bridge where you can see more sightseeing of the snake river. Because the bridge lets lots of cars pass away it is kind of noisy but good for short sightseeing.

It also seems that us Idaho people tend to scare the visitors on occasion. Take for example TripAdvisor reviewer billmcelh. He was enjoying a relaxing day at Dierkes Lake when we showed up.

The main lake area was pretty busy. Nice park benches and grassy areas. We walked further down to a more private lake with some cliff jumping areas. Water was refreshing and it was nice that it was private for a while. There were some characters that eventually showed up back there since there are no lifeguards on duty or people keeping an eye on things.

We're sorry. We'll wear shirts next time.

Oh, and one review confused us. Reviewer Jim B from Canada said this about the Snake River Canyon Trail.

Twin Falls is an amazing town and surrounding area. We met wonderful people there who helped us find our hotel, took us for pie and told us about the restaurants in town. I loved everything about the town.

Answer me this. WHO IS TAKING STRANGERS OUT FOR PIE?!? No wonder they love Twin Falls, even though they obviously don't know us.

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