One might argue that Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump are the two most talked about figures in today's pop culture world.

But just because they share the same flair for controversy and self-promotion doesn't mean that Sheen is supporting Trump's unusual run for President.

In fact, Sheen is quite wary of The Donald, telling the crowd at the Palm Beach, FL, stop of his 'Violent Torpedo of Truth' tour an anecdote about the time Trump gave him a gift of a pair of cufflinks, which Trump had bragged were platinum and diamond and worth $100,000.

Before his divorce from Brooke Mueller, Sheen had many of his personal items appraised, and learned during that process that the cufflinks Trump had given him were actually made of tin and zircons, and were only valued at a mere $60.

Which is why, according to Sheen, you "shouldn't" vote for Trump.

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