It's become fairly fashionable to slag on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and plenty of artists insist they don't care if they ever get in. Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is another story.

With this year's inductees recently announced and the ceremony approaching in a few months, the Hall of Fame is on many rock fans' minds — which is what led one Megadeth fan to take to Twitter in an effort to "get the vote out" for the band in the next round of nominations. Suggesting it's "past time" for the group's induction and exhorting fellow fans to email and tweet the Rock Hall on a daily basis, the fan got Mustaine's attention, prompting a public admission — and an accusation of bias.

According to Mustaine, the Hall is "opposed" to his induction, but he admitted that getting in there and winning a Grammy are two of the items on his bucket list. A fan quickly responded that he deserves to enjoy both honors before he retires, but Mustaine knows deserving it isn't necessarily enough.

"Thank you," he wrote. "I just wish that both of those boards felt the same way that you do." Acknowledging that he's in the Hall "in a way" because of his early association with Metallica, he reiterated that he'd still like to see Megadeth get in.

The band will seek to further cement its legacy with its next studio LP, which Mustaine said they were "working feverishly" on starting last September. "We have a crazy opportunity of a project that I'm working on," he hinted. "We have a lot of songs for that I'm working on."

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