A video was posted to YouTube yesterday that will lead anyone interested directly to the whereabouts of a rather pricey drone. The owner has stated that whomever finds it, can keep it.

The drone was lost Monday, February 19, by an individual who pulled off of Hwy 75 near Sage Road in Ketchum, to get in a flight and capture some footage before catching a plane. The DJI Phantom 3 was never recovered.

Video that was uploaded from the drone to the owner's phone was shared on the YouTube post, and should give seekers the exact location of where it went down. The owner is only asking that the person who finds it send him some family vacation footage from it.

DJI Phantom 3 models range from $400-$1300, and the owner is willing to send the controller, and other accessories, to the person who finds it.

Happy hunting.


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