If you've ever wanted to know crazy facts about how much we love pizza in Idaho, I can help you out. As a matter of fact, I have stuff you never wanted to know about how often we put pizza pie in our face.

There's a website that specializes in data called Datafiniti. They did a story about pizza across America. It has a multitude of numbers about exactly how crazy us Idaho people are when it comes to the most wonderful triangular food.

Here are some tasty tidbits about the pizza preferences of us in the Gem State:

  • The average price of a plain pizza in Idaho is $11.50, which is the 19th most expensive in the US
  • For every 100,000 Idahoans, there are nearly 5 pizza restaurants for each of us.

But, it gets so much better. Did you know that MyFitnessPal estimates that a typical slice of Idaho Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza contains a monstrous 700 calories? If you dial it down to a regular pepperoni pizza, you can slide by with a 240 calorie slice.

If you have ever wondered what the weirdest Idaho pizza is, Cosmopolitan thinks they know. They called out the Flying Pie Pizzeria for their habanero pizza that is so spicy, you have to sign a waiver before they let you eat it.

The other Idaho pizza fact is that most of us haven't met a pie that we didn't like (or eat). When it comes to pizza, we say bring it on.

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