How was your Fourth of July experience in Twin Falls? I ask, because there appears to be a large number in the community who took to social media to air grievances regarding those who took lighters to fuses to celebrate our country's independence.

Personally speaking, our Twin Falls' Fourth of July celebration was fantastic compared to last year. The pandemic, along with guest drama, took center stage over the 2020 holiday. This year, it was all about good food, good people and thunderous booms echoing down our neighborhood.

We hosted a gathering at our place this past Sunday to celebrate. Tri-tip, barbequed Cajun chicken, mash potatoes, music, ping pong and cold beer summed up our experience. We had a 360-degree view of fireworks from our backyard, along with our own personal collection.

Judging by area social media sights--Magic Valley Rants and Raves was very active--there was a war of words between people that had grown tired of fireworks, and those who just can't get enough. Many of these Facebook websites are private, and in order to become a member, you just need to message the site host. I was emailed dozens of comments from both sides of the argument, regarding whether or not Twin Falls overdid it with fireworks this year; I saw many myself too.

Some were making the plea to people to stop lighting them off late into the evening, and those suggestions were met with some pretty explosive sarcasm.  I must have read over 500 comments from people arguing over fireworks etiquette. Two such retorts that got my attention were from a local rants / raves Facebook page.

"Does anyone know of any fireworks stands still open? I ran out fireworks at 4:30 this morning. I need to restock for tonight."

And the other that found its way to my phone was this:

"Please keep your dogs and children quiet in the mornings. Some of us have been up all night lighting off fireworks. Thanks."

These posts made for entertaining exchanges between community members by those who read them, but did you find this year's Twin Falls' Fourth of July celebration to be anything different than in past years?

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