The Fourth of July holiday is now less than two weeks away. While the Magic Valley does have a good deal of professionally managed fireworks shows to check out every year, the fact we aren't utilizing one of the country's most spectacular backdrops during the celebration is mind-boggling.

Let me begin by saying I too am a big fan of the fireworks shows held annually at places like the College of Southern Idaho and Wendell High School. Our area fire departments and pyrotechnics professionals do a great job every Fourth Of July. Wouldn't a display over Twin Falls' most prominent structure standing 480 feet above the Snake River also be pretty epic?

Hear me out. As far as safety is concerned, both the Twin Falls and Jerome sides of the canyon within close proximity to the Perrine Bridge are basically covered by rock and dirt. Of course, you have the water below, and I might not be a professional in the area of fireworks, but I believe most burn out well before they fall nearly 500 feet.

Not to mention, we have two massive parking lots on the Twin Falls side where the visitor center and the parking lot that houses Best Buy, Sportsmans Warehouse, and scores of other stores are located. The city of Twin Falls could hold an annual cleanup day much like they do in September at Dierke's Lake the day after the show to remove any debris from the canyon.

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The money raised alone from speeding citations on Kimberly Road could probably cover the show's expenses. As far as the view is concerned, it would be nearly impossible to top, especially from a boat or kayak on the Snake River below.

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