With quarterly numbers for 2019 so far trending downward, one of the country's most popular gaming merchandise dealers will soon be closing an estimated 200 locations worldwide.

GameStop Corporation, which is headquartered in Texas and oversees more than 5,000 stores worldwide, experienced a reported second quarter 14% decrease in global sales for 2019, this according to a recent news release. The company was founded in 1984, with the majority of locations being in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Having come across closure details provided at usatoday.com, I decided to contact GameStop management to find out the status of locations here in the western U.S. Apparently, the Twin Falls store is far from falling into the category of "underachieving."

The location at the Magic Valley Mall is "one of the best performing stores in the company," according to a manager I spoke with today that is familiar with the store's current operations. The employee went on to say that the majority of the 200 projected closures are oversees.

A key to the success of the Twin Falls store is largely due to the fact that the closest other location is almost 90 miles away, in Mountain Home. The manager described the Magic Valley location as being that of an "essential" one, regarding the company's operations in the Gem State.

The company has close to a dozen store locations in southern Idaho, with the majority of them being in the Nampa and Boise areas, according to the store's locator page. GameStop also has locations in Pocatello and Idaho Falls.


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