If you don't already know a Girl Scout of Silver Sage, now would be the time to make a friend. Orders for cookies has started and they now have a brand new S'mores cookie.

If you love cookies and you love S'mores, you need this.

What does a S'mores cookie taste like? If you love cookies and you love S'mores, you need this. Be aware that these new cookies have special pricing. The Girl Scouts of Silver Sage have the S'mores cookies for $5 a box. All other cookies are $4 a box.

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Now, the most important fact you need to know - how to get these cookies. You can order now and they should arrive the weekend of February 18. Booth sales will start on February 25 and continue through March 12. You can find the booths with the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app. BUT, the really great news is you can have these awesome new cookies within days if you order online through the "Find Cookies" link on their website. If you pay with a credit card, you could have cookies in just days. Drool.

It gets even better. Girl Scouts of the Silver Sage cookie sales will not only help these girls do exciting Girl Scout activities throughout the year, but also benefits Magic Valley Paramedics. Plus, if you can't have cookies due to a diet restriction, but would still like to donate, the Idaho Dairy Farmers will donate a gallon of milk for every cookie box donated to the local food bank.

For more information, get the latest from the official Girl Scouts of Silver Sage website and Facebook page.

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