A recent nationwide study of states with the highest number of admitted hygienically-challenged people has revealed some unsavory results.

Reading some of the results from this 2019 study of 2,700 U.S. citizens by Quality Logo Products was hard to fathom. For example, when people were asked how many days they wear the same underwear consecutively, and 4.4% responded four days or more, I though to myself, I hope these are college students we're talking about. The combination of having little to no income, and no on-site laundromat, is at least a good excuse to recycle the same articles of clothing from time to time.

Idaho apparently is keeping up with laundry, bathing and dental care enough to not be included in this survey. I can't say the same for the city of Miami, which took honors of being the funkiest in the U.S. I've never visited the Florida city of nearly 500,000 (6.1 million for the metropolitan area), and will probably pass if ever given the option.

New Orleans, Charlotte, Detroit and New York rounded out the top five. Strong-smelling cities within close proximity to Twin Falls include Las Vegas (20 on the list), Seattle (25), Los Angeles (7) and San Francisco (22).

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