Today is National Scrabble Day! Did you know that besides being a very popular African surname, some sources claim that Idaho, spelled backwards, means a courageous person?

Now, of course, in popular games such as Quiddler and Scrabble, any sort of slang or non-traditional word usage to score points is forbidden, and it should be. If it's not in the English dictionary, it doesn't count...right.

If you were to Google the spelling of Idaho backwards, which is Ohadi, according to Urban Dictionary it means, "courage and strength," as in a knight from the Middle Ages. Several websites, such as, also list courage as being the meaning of Ohadi.

In our family, games like Scrabble and Quiddler are played regularly, because what's more fun than getting the family together and proving your vocabulary is far superior that the rest. We do allow cell phone usage in our games, because of the rate at which new words are added to the language. Pronouns, names, hyphenated words, acronyms and slang--as well as many other language forms--are a no go. Rules must be followed in games such as Scrabble.

Ohadi is also a very common last name. I came across many in the medical profession whose last names spell Idaho backwards, including an Osteopathic doctor who currently works in Sherman Oaks, California. I'm sure most Idahoans would be proud to adopt this meaning as a legitimate one in the English language for the Gem State, but it looks like slang is as good as it's going to get for now.

Happy National Scrabble Day!

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