Following months of busted negotiations between democrat and republican law makers, which included a war of words between Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump, a new bipartisan bill appears to snuff out any hopes Americans have of receiving another $1,200 federal payout.

A revised COVID-19 relief bill appears to be headed for a vote sometime next week, according to details provided by Reuters. As for the possibility of a second $1,200 stimulus payment for a large majority of Americans, that doesn't appear likely at all.

The two parties have been meeting and discussing plans for a reboot of aid that would once again extend unemployment, pump the brakes on student loan debt payback, temporarily bail out small businesses and offer other forms of support for the vast majority of struggling Americans. Senate is scheduled to recess for the holidays two weeks from Friday (December 18). The bill would total less than half of the $2.2 trillion released into the American economy back in March.

More than $280 billion--the lion's share--would go to aid the country's small businesses hit hardest by the pandemic, according to a tweet from 73-year-old, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Democrats and republicans--like children on a school yard playground confronted by an aid over who "started it"--continue to blame one another for stalling the process.

The Coronavirus has now been responsible for the deaths of close to 270,000 Americans. More than 13 million persons in the United States are currently either fighting, or recovering, from COVID.

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