A recent national education breakdown has yielded an order from the least educated states in the country, to those where the graduation and rate of degrees earned is exceptional.

For any Idahoans out there who have ever wondered how the Gem State stacks up to the rest of the United States in terms of education, a recent release from the Business and Economy department at stacker.com might give you a current gauge. The information was gathered by staffers who focused on the graduation rates from school-aged students, pre-high school and up to college post-graduate work.

I'll begin by giving you the bread of the education sandwich. At number 50, is the state of West Virginia, which as of April of 2021 had a graduate or professional degree percentage of just 8.2%. Massachusetts apparently has the highest percentage of schooling overachievers, with a graduate or professional degree percentage of nearly 20%. They are "wicked smaught" over there in the "Pilgrim State" apparently.

Idaho came in at number 33 on the list, with a graduate or professional degree percentage of 9%. Idahoans will be happy to learn they placed lower (better) on the list than California, if nothing else.

Idaho's education plight was recently the topic of a news story done by KPVI news.

Here are the top five most educated states in the U.S., according to stacker.com:

5. New Hampshire

4. Connecticut

3. Maryland

2. Colorado

1. Massachusetts ("wicked smaught!")

We can't all be as smart as "Will Hunting," but I'd kill to have been credited for writing this line for the film, "Good Will Hunting." It never gets old.

(Warning: A couple of bad words in this scene)

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