Oh, Northern Idaho. What shall we do with you? We leave you alone for 2 minutes and you start talking about how you think you found Bigfoot. (*sigh*)

I want to point out that Jared Cooksey seems like a nice, sensible fellow. He shared these details on his YouTube channel about what happened:

I purchased my first drone for my birthday and decided to take a few hours and head up to one of my favorite places. I captured this footage on a day that all roads were closed and no cars were parked in the area I was in. I was the only car and decided to hike into a day use area for some drone time. I didn't see bigfoot until I downloaded the HD footage from my drone later that afternoon. Decide for yourself.

I've highlighted the part of the video where Jared thinks Sasquatch makes his (or is it a her?) appearance.

Jared Cooksey via YouTube
Jared Cooksey via YouTube

I'm gonna give Jared the benefit of the doubt on this one. I'm always suspicious when someone just happens to come across Bigfoot on their first drone flight. We've seen plenty of these faked in the past in Southern Idaho, too. At least this "Bigfoot" doesn't seem to be in a big hurry and is just going for a stroll by the lake.

What do you think? Is this a Northern Idaho woman with back hair issues or is the really Bigfoot?

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