It was just a matter of time. Give us enough drones in Idaho and we will find Bigfoot for you. I'm proud to say that Southern Idaho has struck first with an alleged video of a Bigfoot running across a road into the woods.

The video footage includes analysis by an obvious Bigfoot-believing person. He estimates that whatever it is has to be somewhat large considering he/it crossed the road in just 2 steps.

I had to watch the video twice just to see where this Bigfoot was supposed to be. I have added a huge arrow to save you the time.

Pararational via YouTube
Pararational via YouTube

Let me play skeptic here. First of all, if this isn't a hoax, what was the person with the drone trying to film? What a coincidence that they would be immediately centered where the "Bigfoot" was crossing the road. Oh, and if I'm Bigfoot, I think I'd pick anywhere except this place that has so few trees.

I can't believe that I have actually pretended to be Bigfoot. This is proof that the Internet is not good for me.

What do you think? Is this a hoax or is there something big and furry really living among us in Southern Idaho?

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