The NES Classic is one of THE must-have Christmas gifts this year. But, finding one in Twin Falls is like finding someone in the Magic Valley that voted for Hillary. Ain't happening. But, there is a rumor making the rounds that the Twin Falls Best Buy is getting them tomorrow.

I received the following email today. You'll notice one BIG problem.


Sounds great, right? But, hold on. Tomorrow isn't December 20. (*frown face*)

I decided to do something extraordinary. I actually picked up a phone and called Best Buy. In radio, we call that extra effort. It was obvious that I was not the first person to call today. Before I could bother a blue shirt person, there was a pre-recorded message that said "We do not have NES Classic consoles and do not have an estimate when we'll get restocked". (*bigger frown face*)

There are a couple possibilities here. Either Best Buy has a rogue plan to release NES Classics on the Tuesday before Christmas and create madness. Or, there is someone who is really challenged with their calendar reading at Best Buy. Or, maybe both.

I will keep my NES Classic sleuthing techniques sharp and update you if I learn anything new about their Twin Falls arrival. (*cue Dragnet theme*)

UPDATE: Our "undercover" radio agents have learned that Best Buy WILL more than likely have NES Classic consoles on December 20. BUT, no idea if this only covers pre-orders or will be available first-come, first-served.

UPDATE #2: Just received this email from Best Buy. So, December 20 it is.


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